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Aluminium cutting discs that work for boat builders

Aluminium cutting discs that work for boat builders

Posted on Thursday, 7 July 2016 by Andy Thomas
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Senator Boats, Napier- case study

“What we do is very specialised that's all we do, we just do aluminium, and hey for aluminium these discs are definitely the answer."

We ask Roger Young – Manager, at Senator Boats about his Aluminium cutting and why his guys love the ELITE+ 917 Aluminium Cutting Discs.

Application: Aluminium cutting for Boat Building
Product: 125x1.2mm ELITE+ 917 Aluminium Cutting Discs

What metal are you using with the discs?

Just aluminium.

What type of work do you usually perform?

We predominately cut marine grade plate, but we also do cut softer extrusions. They seem to perform just as good with soft as they do hard.

When you say plate, how thick is it?

Predominately 3mm to 8mm, but it’s mainly down in the smaller 3, 4 and 5mm that we use the majority of the discs.

What made you decide to use these discs?

We’ve tried them all, every salesman that comes through the door has got the best product in the world, so we tend to be a little bit skeptical of people saying that. But we tried some samples from Euromarc and straight away our guys fell in love with them. Basically because they cut cleaner and quicker, with less wear on the disc than what the opposition gives us, and like I say, we’ve tried them all.

When you received the samples, did you do a specific test?

We did the best test of all, we just put them into normal service. I mean, thats what they do, thats what we’re buying them for, so they went out into the factory, just with normal service, and each of the guys I gave them to instantly said, “These things definitely work better."

" Basically because they cut cleaner and quicker"

What have you noticed about the discs?

They cut quicker, cleaner and neater. The discs appear to have a lubricant built into them. When we’ve been cutting awkward stuff with the oppositions disc, we have to use a waxy stuff a bit like soap, these discs don’t need it. It also doesn’t sacrifice itself, we’ve had discs that cut really quick but of course they become sacrificial and they wear down quickly. The wear down on these is less than the oppositions stuff.

Have you noticed anything different over time?

Not really no, I mean what we do is very specialised that's all we do, we just do aluminium, and that’s what we do here, and hey for aluminium these discs are definitely the answer.

The science behind the result?

The disc releases a lubricant while cutting that greases the disc without leaving any residue.
With no binding or pinching, it cuts faster and lasts longer.

Unlike other discs, the Aluminium Razor-Cut has specific abrasive properties that prevent contamination to aluminium.
Welding and polishing can be applied instantly after the cutting has taken place.

Because of the clean-cutting and lubricating properties of the disc, it will not jam or kick-back, and will cut smooth throughout its life.

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