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Are your grinding wheels providing maximum productivity and quality results?

Are your grinding wheels providing maximum productivity and quality results?

Posted on Monday, 12 March 2018 by Eddie Thomas
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When you're grinding, you need a wheel that provides good surface quality, zero burns or metallurgic damage, precise component tolerances and a high production flexibility. On top of all that, it has to be cost effective. Read on - we've got just the thing!

Now available online, our range of grinding wheels were chosen because of their superior abrasive technology that gives you more than you'd expect when it comes to:
  • Good surface quality
  • Zero burns or metallurgic damage
  • Precise component tolerances
  • High production flexibility
  • Cost efficiency
Testing a range of grinding wheels, we found the Toolroom range the best at maximising productivity. They were proven to improve worker’s efficiency and the quality of their jobs. Thanks to an advanced bond system coupled with free cutting and friable abrasives make an excellent product that gives you:
  • Excellent form retention for precise tolerances with less dressing.
  • Free cutting action for versatility in cutting over a vast range of steels.
  • Smaller number of dressings for improved wheel life.
  • Burn free grinding for improved part life.
  • Good surface finish for a great end result!

What kind of grinding wheel do I need?


General Purpose Grinding Wheels

Aluminium Oxide (brown/grey) wheels suitable for general purpose grinding mild to medium hard steels.
  • Diameter: 150mm, 205mm, 255mm, 305mm or 355mm
  • Grits: 24, 36, 46, 60, 80
  • For use on bench, pedestal and swing frame grinders.
  • Durable abrasive bond system 
  • Excellent and cost effective for low & medium carbon steels 
  • Ideal for general purpose applications  

White Toolroom Grinding Wheels

White Aluminium oxide abrasive for grinding hard tool steels drills and cutting edges. 
  • Diameter: 150mm or 205mm
  • Grits: 46, 60, 80, 120
  • Ideal for light to heavy stock removal 
  • Excellent for heat sensitive materials with light to heavy cuts
  • Very versatile - free cutting on all varieties of steels
  • Coolest cutting - no burns or metallurgical damage 

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