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Here's how Vertec saved time & money!

Here's how Vertec saved time & money!

Posted on Monday, 26 February 2018 by Andy Thomas
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Vertec Ltd, Waikato - case study

'It turned the idea of being available, into accessible. It just gave us more freedom on site, inside the workshops.'

We talk to Jason Whitley - Director of Vertec Ltd about why they signed up for a QuickStock cabinet, and how its changed their business.

Tell us a little bit about Vertec

Vertec is a privately owned business based in Hamilton. Basically we're bespoke solutions for containment and movement. What we look to do is create a solution around the waste or any containment industry that other people require. We put solutions in behind it, put some smart thinking, and try and come up with the right idea.

What led you to try QuickStock?

As everyone knows, staff love touching things, and taking things, so it was hand to mouth. We were always running out of essentials. Could be anything from gloves, to drill bits, to blades and discs or whatever. Whenever we did need them, they weren't there because it was always hand to mouth process, and we'd have to go and order it to get it organised. With the QuickStock they (Euromarc) offered a solution which was focused for what our quick consumables were.

How did the solution benefit your business?

It turned the idea of being available, into accessible. It just gave us a whole lot more freedom on site, inside the workshops.

Were there any challenges switching to QuickStock?

No, none at all. The guys from Euromarc and the QuickStock reps, they actually came in and took care of every challenge that we had to deal with, so it was seamless.

What improvements in your business have you noticed since using QuickStock?

Less consumables, to be fair. We're actually getting our guys, even though it's readily available, they actually use less. They're not stock piling of their own product. You'd always find guys would put 4 or 5 of these and tips and whatever else, discs and cut-offs, whatever. There was just no accountability so they'd have it all sitting on their own welder because they thought they'd look after it for themselves. Then that would go missing, then there'd be more throw aways. Whereas having it available means they draw it when they need it.

Would you recommend QuickStock to another company?

Of course, the availability of having product, and the guys knowing they can actually draw of it. It gives the accountability back onto the boys on the floor.

Yeah I'd be first to recommend it. You know, the boys, they look after you from Euromarc, and you can tailor it as you move through whatever item you're moving quicker of, depending on the season, depending on the timing, month, production, whatever maybe working. And then your stock levels can change as you work. It's great.

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