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How to clean your anti-fog safety glasses without scratching

How to clean your anti-fog safety glasses without scratching

Posted on Wednesday, 11 September 2019 by Julian Prestidge
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Cleaning your anti-fog safety glasses and keeping them scratch free is easy...just don't go reaching for the paper towels or that old workshop rag lurking on the table. And no, your t-shirt or work shirt won't do. Read on and we'll show you the quick and easy way to clean your anti-fog safety glasses and keep them working better for longer!

Why does it matter?

Fogging safety glasses are actually one of the biggest barriers to wearing safety glasses! If your glasses are fogging up, it's really annoying to have to stop what you're doing, take them off, wipe them or make adjustments etc. Hence you buy safety glasses with anti-fog coating to stop this happening. Unfortunately cleaning your glasses in the wrong way can result in scratching and accidental removal of the anti-fog coating which would take you back to square one.

Aside from the fogging issue, generally safety glasses are there to protect your eyes from dusts, flying particles, splatter and light. The lenses are mostly made of impact resistant plastic material and frames should be tougher than your usual glasses. When dirt and debris get stuck on the lenses it's important they get removed properly or you risk scratching the lens. The more scratches you get, the less clear your vision will become.
Then of course there's the dangerous substances factor...we've all heard about the dangerous stuff flying around the metal workshop, and how bad it is for your lungs...well you don't want any of that stuff in your eyes either. Bacteria and other particles that are not cleaned off your glasses risk getting in your eyes next time you wear the glasses.

What's the quick and easy way to clean anti-fog safety glasses?

  1. Give your glasses a gentle blow to remove any loose dirt or debris from the lens.
  2. Rinse the lens under the tap or use a cleaning spray. Alternatively you can use a lens cleaning wipe that includes an anti-fog solution. Be sure to clean both sides of the lens.
  3. Now clean the frames. A toothbrush can be used to remove any stubborn particles trapped in the cracks, just be sure not to get the lens.
  4. Wipe your lens dry with a microfibre cloth to remove streaks and cleaning solution residue.

Cloth choice - it's important

Yeah yeah, just about everything these days recommends using a microfibre cloth, but in this case it REALLY DOES MATTER! In the workshop, when you can't find the nice clean microfibre cloth it's very tempting to reach for the paper towel, workshop rag, or even your t-shirt, but although these might seem soft enough, they are all infused with abrasive fibres which can cause scratching. So make sure you've got a good supply of the nice CLEAN microfibre cloths stored at the cleaning station.

More tips

  • After cleaning, store your safety glasses in their glasses case, or a microfibre glasses pouch to keep them from collecting dust/dirt while not in use, or from accidental breaking.
  • If your glasses came with a microfibre protective pouch, make sure you use the inside of the pouch when using it to clean the lens. The outside could be contaminated with dirts and particles that might scratch.
  • A dry cloth is not enough to clean your glasses - some fluid is required for proper cleaning. Get yourself a lens cleaning station equipped with tissues and spray here.
  • Don't use any cleaners that are not specifically designed for glasses (eg. soaps or window cleaners) as they can damage or remove any special coatings on your lens (eg. anti-fog)
  • Have a cleaning routine! We'd recommend cleaning your glasses at the end of each day, or if you work in a particularly dirty environment it might be an idea to clean them during your breaks. Leaving it until they get noticeably dirty increases the risk of scratches.

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