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Why go Platinum? Just ask Priest Sheetmetal & Plate Ltd [case study]

Why go Platinum? Just ask Priest Sheetmetal & Plate Ltd [case study]

Posted on Monday, 19 February 2018 by Clayton Thomas
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Priest Sheetmetal & Plate Ltd, Christchurch - case study

When good just isn't enough - go Platinum! At least that's what Priest Sheet Metal & Plate Ltd did. While some might be satisfied with good, they say the only option is THE BEST.

" The boys were struggling before with the other discs but now they’re probably getting 2-3 times more cutting life out of Euromarc ones"

We talk with Sam – Workshop Manager, at Priest Sheetmetal & Plate Ltd about what they use their thin cutting discs on, and why some Engineers might be satisfied with good, but their option is only the best, it’s got to be the ELITE+ 913 Razor-Hub 1mm thin cutting disc.

Priest Sheetmetal & Plate Ltd are specialist welders, sheetmetal engineers and general fabricators in Christchurch. The family run business has been running for over 63 years, and is still going strong. They do everything from design and manufacturing through to assembly and installation of fabrication projects.

What were you using before ELITE+ 913 Razor-Hub?

'A good quality flat thin cutting disc from Germany.'

So what made you give the Razor-Hub a good shot?

'There seemed to be a big gap where no-one could really cut alloy that well, and I saw a comment from a boat builder company that Euromarc was filling that gap for them. So I thought I’d give Euromarc a go on the Razor Hub.'

What do you use it on?

'We do everything, and that’s the benefit of it. We tried it on the thin sheet, and this week we’ve had a big project cutting 3mm. I would say it won on all of them. We do more mild than stainless, but still a bit of stainless steel and its good all round.'

What have you noticed about the discs?

'With the depressed center it seems to push the sparks away, so you get a lot less in your face. Obviously it’s a lot firmer and cuts straighter.

We had a job to do, if you imagine a 50 by 50 box section, and we’ve done about 600 cuts with them. The boys were struggling before with the other discs but now they’re probably getting 2-3 times more cutting life out of Euromarc ones.

Definitely longer life, the thing is we haven’t even gone through a box on this job.'

Over time have you noticed anything more?

'How well they are lasting. Mostly noticeable with the medium thickness mild steel plate around 2 - 4 mm. They are really steady and more robust. The amount of old cutting discs I use to have to throw out because they were on the floor or have just been dropped or someone stood on it or they dropped the grinder. But the Razor-Hub seems a lot harder to break, obviously copes with rough usage more.'

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Some more testimonials...

Preist Sheetmetal aren't the only ones impressed with ELITE+ 913 Razor Hub Cutting Discs. Here's what others have said:

'We now don’t use as many thin cutting discs as we use to because they last so long!

The other thing is with all other brands if you get a nick or crack in them from a catch they disintegrate, whereas the Razor-hub if you get a nick in them they just round themselves off and just keep cutting” - Doherty Engineering Attachments
'We find they last longer and the main thing is they’re a lot safer as they don’t shatter or snag and break like the other ones (SG Elastic) used to.

Another thing is they don’t heat up and warp. They just cut straight. We use them as our one cutting disc on stainless and mild steel. I think the main thing is they don’t shatter.'

- Hamish from Division Eng, Christchurch

"It cuts perfectly straight. I had a better view because of how the disc is made with its recessed hub. There was no vibration as it was perfectly round, and I was able to cut 2mm stainless sheet up to 3x longer than the discs we were currently using"

- Stainless Steel fabricator, Marlborough

The Science behind the result:

Extra fine and fast cutting yet exceptionally safe. The inherent strength of the Razor-Hub steel structure gives the Razor-Hub stronger holding power, less flex, and precise cutting.

Smoother and quicker cutting zirconia grain, which provides the Razor-Hub XT disc with less heat build-up on stainless steel and outstanding blade life.

The steel hub is larger than the grinders clamping area, giving it a superior reinforced structure compared to all other discs. With better vision while cutting, and less flex because of the design of the raised hub.

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