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The future of weld cleaning is here!

The future of weld cleaning is here!

DNL Stainless Fabrications Ltd, Auckland - case study

He found it! Tired of the rigmarole of hazardous pickling paste, Joel was looking for a safer alternative with the same performance level. Cougartron Inox-Muscle puts pickling paste to shame with it's safety and ability to clean and electro-polish welds and surfaces.

'Compared to pickling paste, the old school way, its awesome!'

We talk to Joel Stitt - Manager at DNL Stainless Fabrications on why he ditched the pickling paste and replaced it with the Cougartron Inox-Muscle weld cleaning system, and his experience so far.

A bit about DNL Stainless Fabrications

Let's just say, there's not much they don't do...
DNL are a “bespoke” stainless steel fabrication business providing 2D and 3D design, manufacture and installation of stainless steel products. In particular, they specialise in the fabrication of durable and robust conveying and handling systems for the general food, fresh fruit and vegetables, and associated industries throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Their factory is set up for all jobbing requirements, and they also provide customised handrails, safety rails, benchtops, machinery parts, platforms, walkways, conveyors, elevating conveyors, roller conveyors, hoppers, feeders, revolving packing tables / bowls, chutes and much more!

Tired of the rigmarole of hazardous pickling paste, Joel was looking for a safer alternative for weld cleaning with the same performance level - he discovered the Cougartron Inox-Muscle electrochemical weld cleaning system, and here's what he has to say about it...

How did you find out about the Cougartron system?

'I was sick of using pickling paste to clean welds, and was looking for something easier and safer. I'd never really heard about them [electrochemical cleaning systems] until just before I met you, and I met a guy that had one. He was rapped with his, and described it to me. Then I saw yours in the brochure and decided to try it. It seemed kind of silly to go anywhere else. Then I saw it working and I'm very happy with it.'

Read more about Inox-Muscle here

How would you describe Inox-Muscle's performance?

'Compared to pickling paste, the old school way, its awesome! After pickling I need to blend out the white marks left on the stainless, and that leaves scratch marks. With the Cougartron, there’s no scratch marks from the scotch bright. Just nice and easy really. It’s a bit quicker, but it also does a better job, and makes the job look better - smoother, cleaner looking, without the white marks.'

Now you've had a chance to use it for a while, how do you find it?

'It performs easier and is a lot nicer than pickling paste. You can use it on a hot weld that you can’t do with pickling paste or you’ll burn your nostrils to pieces. It’s just a all round nicer system to use really.'

'Another thing, It’s absolutely fantastic at getting onto tight places, yeah that's definitely what id say. Getting into the tight corners and that, it does a really really good job. There’s no denying that.'

The Inox-Muscle was designed to be small and compact for portability. Do you find this has helped with your jobs?

'I haven’t taken it out on the job site, but I like being able to pick it up and take it around the workshop. If I have to do a big job. Or i’ve got a couple of big jobs, and they are at either end of the workshop. Its nice to be able to move that to where they are, instead of having to move a big job to where that is.'

Last question - would you recommend the Cougartron Inox-Muscle to others?

'Absolutely. I’d highly recommend to be honest.'

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