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These are the best selling Mag Drills...find out why!

These are the best selling Mag Drills...find out why!

Posted on Tuesday, 7 May 2019 by Gus Broomhall
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Introducing the Evolution ME42 Magnetic Drill and the Euroboor Low Profile Mag Drill (updated from Evolution Low Profile Mag Drill). Lets have a look at some of the features that make these drills our best sellers.

Evolution ME42 Magnetic Drill

One of the unique benefits of this drill is they have a huge amount of stroke, or adjustment to the cutting depth. With the adjustable headstock you can slide the head up and down the rails to the ideal position for the particular job you're doing.

A drill chuck can be fitted to the machine for using standard jobber drills. This is ideal for drilling pilot holes, or other smaller holes where you need the precision and accuracy of a mag drill. Also, because you have the adjustment you can use up to 13mm drills without being limited by the length.

The ME42 is exceptionally lightweight – at about 10 kg’s its easy to carry around the workshop or take on site. It's also ideal if you’re working overhead or at height. Made with cast components, it's still a solid construction, and the compact design makes it lighter than many comparable drills.

It has capacity for up to 42mm annular cutters and up to 13mm drills, and with 1300kg of magnetic adhesion and a 1200W motor, it's suitable for pretty much any job you’ll ever throw at it - a great little drill!

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Euroboor Low-Profile Mag Drill Eco.36

Since filming the video above, we've upgraded our low profile drill to the new Euroboor Low-Profile Mag Drill Eco.36.

The Eco.36 is the lowest on the market at only 165mm high it’s perfect for drilling in spaces with limited height such as H-beams, steel structures, plates, profiles, etc..

The machine is equipped with LED light, a powerful magnet, overload protection and easy release/lock feed handle for both left and right operation.

Despite it’s size it’s still a powerful little machine with an 1050 watt motor and 1200kg of magnetic adhesion and a capacity of up to 36mm – a capable little unit.

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