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Take yourself further faster and protect your workers with the ultra-safe ‘Razor-Hub’ disc

Take yourself further faster and protect your workers with the ultra-safe ‘Razor-Hub’ disc

Posted on Thursday, 19 November 2015 by Gus Broomhall
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Finally - a safe steel hub!

The safe steel Hub will hold together better under pressure if jammed, it will not break away around the edge of the clamping area. The steel Hub is larger than the grinders clamping area, giving it a superior reinforced structure compared to all other discs.

Better vision hub

Better vision while cutting, and able for perfect flush cuts, because the dome shape Steel Razor-Hub holds the disc out from the grinder.

Sharp narrow raised hub

The whole disc can be used for cutting – no wastage. Allows safe full-depth cutting and creates more rigidity with less flex because of the shape of the Hub.

Fine cutting 1mm

Extra fine and fast cutting but yet exceptionally safe. The inherent strength of the Razor-Hub steel structure gives the Razor-Hub stronger holding power, less flex, and precise cutting.

Zirconia inox grain

Smoother and quicker cutting zirconia grain, which provides the Razor-Hub XT disc with less heat build-up on stainless steel and outstanding blade life.

Order ELITE+ 913 Razor-Hub XT here

What customers are saying about the ELITE+913 Razor-Hub XT...

"The Razor-Hub disc cuts straighter and lasts longer than this other top disc we had been using for years!" Metalworks Engineering - Hastings

"We now don’t use as many thin cutting discs as we use to because they last so long! The other thing is, with all other brands if you get a nick or crack in them from a catch they disintegrate, whereas the Razor-hub if you get a nick in them they just round themselves off and just keep cutting."
Doherty Engineered Attachments - Tauranga

"We find they last longer and the main thing is they’re a lot safer as they don’t shatter or snag and break like the other ones used to. Another thing is they don’t heat up and warp they just cut straight. We use them as our one cutting disc on stainless and mild steel. I think the main thing is they don’t shatter." Division Engineering - Christchurch

"We were cutting 24mm rebar with our top 1mm disc and getting four cuts. Razor-Hub did seven cuts. We know rebar is hard on discs as it get them red hot and binds up, but with the Razor-hub disc there wasn’t the flexing when cutting like the other disc."  Large Structural Engineer - Hastings

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