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Velvet Steel Found The Ultimate Sanding Discs With Bora1

Velvet Steel Found The Ultimate Sanding Discs With Bora1

Posted on Thursday, 17 September 2020 by Eddie Thomas
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Velvet Steel Ltd, Wellington - case study

'It’s more cost effective and it’s a lot better on labour.'

Shane Oldfield from Velvet Steel tells us about why they use Bora1 sanding discs in their workshop…

Tell us a bit about Velvet Steel….

Velvet Steel is a stainless steel manufacturing company. We manufacture domestic and commercial benchtops and commercial kitchen equipment.

How are the Bora1 discs mostly used in your workshop?

The Bora1 is used after the welding process and we just grab a variable speed grinder and start the sanding process with the 180 grit and work our way through to the 240 grit.

What made you change to the Bora1 sanding discs?

I’d been looking in the market for a while for a product that is more heat resistant. Stainless steel when you go through the sanding process, it tends to heat up the discs, and heat up the backing pads. This product we’ve found really really reliable and fast, and efficient.

How would you compare them to other sanding discs you've used?

The Bora1 is a lot more heat resistant and you chuck it on a variable speed grinder and the heat build up is no where near as much as other discs, so the discs last a lot longer. It works out well. It’s more cost effective and it’s a lot better on labour.

Would you recommend the Bora1 to other stainless steel engineers?

Oh definitely yeah. Once you’ve used it for a week or two you’ll soon see that it’s definitely cutting down in labour costs. We just go straight from a variable speed grinder to 120/180, then go to 240, then basically we just go straight to a polishing process. It cuts a lot of time down with changing out discs. So I totally recommend it yeah.

You mentioned you use the online QuickOrder system?

Yeah, so I’d probably say I’m more of a tradie than a computer literate guy, so I just find the QuickOrder system easy to use, and the guys at Euromarc are really easy to work with. They just put a whole lot of stuff on this QuickOrder list, and I just punch it in, how many I want, and the next day it turns up. It’s a no brainer for me. It’s easy.

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