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Welding's never been better for DNL Stainless!

Welding's never been better for DNL Stainless!

Posted on Tuesday, 3 December 2019 by Shane Carroll
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DNL Stainless Fabrications Ltd, Auckland - case study

'As soon as you put it on you could tell the difference in the vision'

Joel Stitt from DNL spills the beans on what he thinks of the TECMEN TM1000 Flip Front Helmet with FreFlow Respirator

Tell us a bit about the kind of welding you do at DNL...

When we're manufacturing conveying and handling systems, as well as other jobs, we're always moving between welding and grinding, or passivating which is why we chose the flip front model. It's awesome - you never have to take it off, just flip the lens up or down to suit what you're doing. Saves a lot of mucking around with changing and adjusting safety gear.

What were you using before you got the TM1000?

We've used a few different types of helmets with different guys. My last helmet was a standard auto-darkening Speedglas™ unit, without the blower.

Why did you decide on a Tecmen this time?

We needed a new helmet, and I'd seen what you guys were advertising, so thought we'd give it a trial. Your products have always worked out well for us, so I figured it was worth a shot. We got the helmet, and it was absolutely fantastic! As soon as you put it on you could tell the difference in the vision. Being able to see out the sides make a big difference too. It makes it safer when there's other people working around you, and you can see where they are..

And what do you think of the Freflow respirator?

It's awesome! Especially with the hotter days, you really appreciate that cool air. I think having the clean air filtering through and cooling you off definitely helps you get more of the job done in one go. Plus the battery lasts all day, so you don't have to stop and put it on charge.

Have you noticed any improvements since getting the TM1000?

Yeah for sure. The clearer you can see, the better you can weld. So there's less effort to get a better quality weld. And with that airflow, you just feel better doing the job.

Do you think the TECMEN is value for money?

Oh absolutely! It's about half the cost of other helmets with similar specs, but just as good if not better. Quality at a good price, and the consumables are cheaper too.

Would you recommend a TECMEN to other engineers looking to buy a welding helmet?

Without a doubt. I'd definitely recommend it.

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