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What happened when I changed to the Jackson WH70…

What happened when I changed to the Jackson WH70…

Piako Transport Engineering, Morrinsville - case study

'You can see weld spatter and everything, which you usually don't see with a normal auto-darkening helmet'

We talk to Ethan - Engineer at Piako Transport Engineering about his experience using the Jackson WH70 autodarkening welding helmet, and and how it compares to his 3M SpeedglasTM helmet.

A bit about Piako Transport Engineering

 Piako Transport Engineering [PTE] has been operating since 1990, and is owned and operated by Colin and Tarnia Richardson. Colin made the decision to look at the Jackson WH70 helmet, and his workshop has now been running with the helmet for the last 6 months.

Below we talk to Ethan who's been with PTE for 2 years, and welding for 7. Ethan's mainly always used 3M's SpeedglasTM welding helmets until Colin introduced him to the Jackson WH70 6 months ago.

What had you previously been using in the workshop?

'We previously used SpeedglasTM. '

How long had you been running with your previous helmet for?

'All up, since I started engineering, so 7 years.'

Now that you've tried the Jackson WH70, what are your thoughts?

'It's lightweight, clear vision, the head straps are easy to adjust and it seems to fit real nice.'

How have you found the vision when welding?

'You can see weld spatter and everything, which you usually don't see with a normal auto-darkening helmet. It's not bright at the same time even though you can see everything, it's still clearer. Easy to use.'

How do you find it when dealing with the pool in your weld?

'Really clear. Even though you've got the clarity you still don't lose your shade, and you can still see what you're doing.'

What about when grinding? What's your thoughts there?

'It lightens up quite nicely and you can see what you're doing. You don't need to chuck on a clear visor instead.'

Do you find it easy to use the controls when changing from a weld state to grind mode?

'It's actually probably easier to deal with because you can do it one handed, slide it up or down, whereas with this one [SpeedglasTM] you kind of have to hold your helmet with one hand and press the button on the side.'

What difference have you noticed when grinding with the Jackson compared to your previous helmet?

'When you've got a lot of grinding to do, sometimes you've just got that bit more clearer vision with a face shield, so we'd detach the helmet and chuck a face shield on. But this here [Jackson] it seems to be good clear vision so we'd probably leave it on.'

So it's good to be able to grind steel with fresh air?

'Yeah it would be, definitely. Like with if you're under a trailer and you're grinding you get dusty, and dirty and rusty, and stuff like that, but if you can leave the helmet on, and still have the clear vision, then you're still saving your lungs at the same time.'

How do you find the portable air belt?

'Good, comfy, don't really notice it's there.'

The Jackson features air adjustments in the helmet, how do you find that?

'Pretty good. Obviously you can change where the airflow is on your face, so if it's a humid day you can keep it so it's more over the screen so it doesn't fog up or anything.'

How have you found the weight?

'It's good. You don't notice any difference between a normal helmet really, and the Jackson.'

Do you find you're able to get into tighter places with the Jackson being that little bit more slimline?

'Yeah, you probably could, because with these ones here [SpeedglasTM] if you try to get into tight places you can knock your button onto grinder.'

So with your first experience with the Jackson, would you recommend it to other engineers?

'Yep, I'd recommend it, that's for sure.'

Why would you recommend a Jackson WH70 welding helmet?

'Comfort. I like the headgear. If it's not comfy, it's not gonna last.

You don't see your spatter as such with a 3M SpeedglasTM helmet, where this here [Jackson] you see all your spatter, and it's not bright. It's all clear. It's got a quite pure vision. You can see where you're going and everything.

The main thing is how comfortable it is, like how easy it is to adjust. It's only got 2 points you need to adjust, whereas these here you've got points all through them.'

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