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What happens if you use an expired cutting disc...

What happens if you use an expired cutting disc...

Posted on Tuesday, 29 October 2019 by Ray Wallace
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Expiry dates on cutting discs are not like the expiry dates on a bottle of milk. Unlike milk, that may, or may not go off by the used by date, cutting discs should NEVER be used beyond their expiry. There could be serious consequences, and it is definitely not worth the risk to yourself or those around you. Read on to learn more...

Did you know cutting, or cut-off discs expire?

Yes, they do! You'll usually see an expiry date printed on the centre ring of the disc, formatted in month and year (eg. 03/2022). Smaller or ringless discs may have the date printed on the packaging, disc label or even on the disc itself, and will be a maximum of 3 years from their manufacturing date. These dates must be present to comply with manufacturing regulation, EN12413:2007+A1.

Why do cut-off discs expire?

Cutting discs are manufactured using a resin to bond the abrasive together. Over time this resin will absorb moisture, which will deteriorate the cutting or grinding disc. Using an expired disc WILL result in disc failure, and if a disc fails there is a high probability of severe injury to the operator and anyone nearby.

What happens when a disc 'fails'?

Disc failure is extremely dangerous and often involves the disc breaking, shattering or exploding while in use. As you can imagine, while spinning at high speed, this means sharp abrasive disc fragments will be projected at high speeds and can cause serious injuries. These lacerations have been known to result in permanent damage, loss of body parts, loss of sight, and in some cases people have died.

How to prevent disc failure and injury

When using cutting discs with power tools it's important to follow the operational and safety instructions from the manufacturer. These include:
  • Expiry dates
  • Disc inspection, handling & storage
  • Machine inspection
  • Wearing appropriate PPE
  • Assembly & operating instructions
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