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Why we love Bora9 fibre discs (and you should too!)

Why we love Bora9 fibre discs (and you should too!)

Posted on Monday, 22 May 2017 by Andy Thomas
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Osprey Boats, Nelson - case study
That's right, we said it - we LOVE fibre discs!
  • What kind? - Bora9.
  • What for? - Everything (especially aluminium.)
  • Why? - Read on for our 5 top reasons why you should give Bora9 fibre discs a go when working with aluminium

"It sped up our process by 50%. We’ve gone from a 4 step process to a 2 step to get the same result."

Matt from Osprey Boats in Nelson tells us why they switched from standard flap discs to Bora9 fibre discs for fabricating their custom built aluminium boats!

Are you ready for this? 5 reasons why we LOVE Bora9 fibre discs for aluminium (and you should too!) Here we go...

1. Long life + speed = efficient!

You mean there's a disc out there that is fast, does the job, and lasts longer than other discs? Yes there is!

The Bora9 fibre disc is made from new generation ceramic grain providing aggressive, cool cutting and long life caused by the sharp crystal shaped grain. This is perfect for soft metals like aluminium where you need fast removal while keeping temperture to a minimum.

2. Less clogging

We've all experienced disc clogging when sanding aluminium. Using a grinding wheel, or the wrong type of abrasive when grinding aluminium you may find you only get 25% of the life of the disc used before they get clogged and become useless. This means you'll be going through a lot of wheels/discs in order to stop the aluminium build up.

The solution? Bora9 fibre sanding discs have a specialised top coating developed to reduce clogging, with less friction and heat build up. They also feature a thicker fibre backing to reduce the heat build-up generated during heavy grinding that leads to clogging.

3. Sharper for longer

Due to heat build-up, friction and clogging, standard fibre discs can quickly lose their sharpness, and thereby their effectiveness. The Bora9's specialised purple top coating is evenly applied following the shape of the grain. This allows exposure of the whole grain (rather than only half of the grain like in some standard top coats), meaning the disc stays sharper for longer. As the Bora9 is a faster cutting and longer lasting disc compared to the standard alumina zirconia (AZ) and other conventional ceramic abrasives. This makes them an ideal choice for applications like weld removal, beveling, edge chamfering and general sanding.

4. Reduced heat build-up

Heat build-up in aluminium will not only cause clogging, but will mean that when the aluminium cools, it will harden and become more difficult to work with. We're all about EASY, so it's best to keep temperatures down. We love the Bora9's ability to reduce heat build-up, making it great for aluminium. The top coat reduces friction and minimises clogging, and thereby heat build-up, while the superior fibre backing allows for heavy grinding due to it's thickness on coarser grits!

5. Less disc changes = more grinding time

It's amazing how much time is wasted on a job when changing discs. No matter how fast you might be, stopping, changing the disc and starting again wastes valuable time - and time is money!

Due to the reduction in clogging, and enhanced, longer lasting grain sharpness, the Bora9 has a much longer life than standard fibre discs. Metal engineers using Bora9 fibre discs find they can last 4 times longer than standard fibre discs.

See what Matt from Osprey Boats in Nelson has to say about their experience below...

Osprey Boats, Nelson

Osprey are aluminium boat manufacturers located in sunny Nelson, New Zealand. They build custom aluminium boats, fishing boats, family boats, pontoon & recreational boats which are all fast growing in popularity!

Matt Elliott, Production Manager & Design at Osprey talks to us about their experience using Bora9 fibre discs...

Can you tell us a bit about your use of fibre discs?

"We used to use coarse 40 grit flap discs on a lot of our boats for grinding back the welds. It used to be a 4 step process to get it to a finish we were happy with, and since we’ve changed to these discs [Bora9] from Euromarc, it’s now only a 2 step process to get the same results. So it’s beat our productivity by half. Plus they last longer, so we’re actually getting twice as much use out of each disc."

Why did you decide to give Bora9 a go?

"A lot of people, if there’s nothing broken they don’t fix it. But there’s always something better. With us, there wasn’t anything broken, but we’ve improved our process. It’s just broadening our thinking, and thinking outside the square sometimes. There’s always another option out there. We’re always looking at ways we can improve."

You've been using Bora9 for a while now, how do you find it compared with standard flap discs?

"It sped up our process by 50%. We’ve gone from a 4 step process to a 2 step to get the same result. I think it’s because they utilise a bigger surface area. We can use it on all contours of the boat, not just flat surfaces."

How would you compare them in terms of cost?

"The fact they’re doing the work of 2 previous discs, and we’re getting twice as much work out of them, they’re cheaper.

They’re cost effective. Productivity’s gone up, and they’re doing the job of two previous discs."

Is there anything else you'd say about your experience with Euromarc?

"Your product’s too good. We’re using them heaps but they’re not wearing out! It’s a good bad problem.

With the gloves we were using, with our old stockist we used to go through a set of gloves every 3-5 weeks. With the Euromarc ones [Tig Max Welding Glove] we are replacing them every 3-5 months. I’d highly recommend using them. The Euromarc gloves are better in that they are seamless in the part between the thumb and the index finger. The old ones we used to have had a seam that gets hot when welding, or if you’re holding something hot or sharp, and it used to wear. So since we’ve gone to those [Tig Max Welding Glove], and I think it’s a slightly different material, compared to what we used before, these have proven to be better."

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