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Wire Brushes Troubleshooting Guide

Wire Brushes Troubleshooting Guide

There are a few common reasons your brushing application may not be achieving the desired results. Keep reading for some of the most common issues and how to resolve them...

Brush doesn't last long

  • Decrease the wire diameter
  • Increase the wire diameter
  • Decrease the brushing pressure

Brush is not aggressive enough

  • Try increasing the surface speed - increase the brush diameter or RPM
  • Decrease the trim length and/or increase the trim density
  • Increase the wire diameter/gauge
  • Decrease the feed rate
  • Change to a twist knot brush

Brush is too aggressive

  • Decrease the surface speed - reduce the brush diameter or RPM
  • Increase the trim length and/or reduce the trim density
  • Reduce the wire diameter/gauge
  • Increase the feed rate
  • Change to crimped

Insufficient burr removal

  • Increase the brush diameter
  • Increase the wire diameter/gauge

Brush action is uneven

  • Decrease the brushing pressure
  • Reduce the wire diameter
  • Work at a lower speed

Finish is too rough

  • Decrease the wire diameter/gauge
  • Increase the trim length
  • Increase the surface speed
  • Increase the density of the brush trim
  • Try using a crimped wire brush
If any of the above problems are unable to be resolved, contact your supplier.

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