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Respiratory and Welding Safety
Respiratory and Welding Safety
All the info you need to
keep yourself and those
around you safe when

FACT: Welding fumes are dangerous!

Did you know that ALL welding fumes are internationally classified as carcinogenic to humans?  Scary huh?  Those fumes you might be breathing in every day could be causing some serious damage that you might not notice for years!  

Learn more about the dangers of welding fumes, and how you can keep yourself and those around you safe while welding below...

Yep, there's a reason WorkSafe has a whole lot of rules around all the safety gear and ventilation required in a welding workshop...those fumes are dangerous!!!  If you're welding without the right protection, you could be putting yourself in some serious danger of short and long term health effects.  In fact, you might be experiencing some of the symptoms right now without even being aware of it!  Learn more below... 

Learn everything you need to know about welding helmets, why you need them and what to choose right here!

If you weld, but not quite enough to need a full welding helmet, then you're in need of a good respirator to keep those nasty welding fumes out.  Get more info below on the latest products, which filters to use, and how to keep your gear in good working order below...

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