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Weld Cleaning
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Passivation is key to keeping stainless steel corrosion resistant

Where raw stainless steel is naturally passivated, fabrication processes such as welding can damage the chromium oxide film on the metal surface, resulting in weakened corrosion resistance.  To bring the metal back to a strong corrosion resistance level, the damaged areas must be passivated.  Since welding is one of the main reasons for requiring passivation, the process is often referred to as weld cleaning.

Most weld cleaning methods are described as either chemical or mechanical.  Traditionally, chemical pickling paste has been viewed as the best method to truely clean and passivate a weld.

Pickling paste - the old school, proven way to clean up those welds. Does it work? Yes. Is it safe? No.

Safety is one of the main reasons many stainless steel engineers are moving away from pickling acids and looking for alternative methods that will do the same job. In fact, some worksites are so concerned about the dangers of pickling paste, they have banned it altogether.

Learn more about how to handle pickling paste in your workshop below...

Pickling paste may be dangerous, but what other options are there that are safer, but will do the same job?

It turns out there are quite a few alternatives to pickling paste out there, and choosing the best alternative for your workshop will depend on the kind of jobs you do.

We've got some info on how you can get the results you want without compromising the health and safety of your team...

Electrochemical weld cleaning has proven to be safer, better and easier to use than pickling paste.  While there is still some skepticism out there, and some common misconceptions, workshops that give it a go love it...

'We were thinking“Yeah right, we’ve seen these products before, and they don’t really perform.”But within 5 minutes, literally 5 minutes of setting this thing up, we were blown away. It did everything we wanted to do and more.'

- Phil Reid, Singh's Engineering Services

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Explore the case studies below to find out why other New Zealand stainless steel engineers ditched the pickling paste and moved to electrochemical cleaning...

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