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Linishing Belts

Linishing Belts

Great all purpose zirconia grain belts, to ceramic grain.
Sizes from small portable belt 10x330 to larger 150x2000mm 

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  • Grits: P40-P80 | Sizes: 50x915mm-150x2000mm

    *BEST SELLER* Yellow is the new green! Premium ceramic and zirconia grain engineered for all steels.

    From $4.76

  • Grits: P40-P120 | Sizes: 50x915mm-100x2745mm

    When you want consistent cool cutting and long life on stainless, this is the belt for you.

    From $5.31

  • Grits: P80-P400 | Sizes: 20x520mm-75x2000mm

    Aluminium oxide for low removal or higher finishing with grits available up to P400

    From $1.01

  • Grits: P40-P120 | Sizes: 10x330mm-40x760mm

    Small belts for pipe or file sanding machines, all grits, and sizes can be custom made.

    From $1.83

  • Grits: A16-A100 | Sizes: 50x915mm-100x2745mm

    3D micro structured grain, for more consistent and fine or high finishing work.

    From $12.20

  • Fine/Medium/Coarse | Sizes: 13x454mm-75x2000mm

    Best for blending grinding marks or defects on stainless, and finishing with a satin look.

    From $5.00

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