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Medical PAPR

PAPR Protective Equipment for Medical Workers

High Efficiency Filtration
Intelligent Air Supply

The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention of National Health Commission of the P.R.C. has recommended personal safety protective equipment for those working in high-risk operations for corona virus control and prevention.

The TECMEN TM-H Hood with Powered Air Respirator provides a TH2 respiration protection level, and filtration efficiency up to 99.97% -  effectively protecting against hazardous particulates including airborne viruses, ensuring comfort and protection for medical workers.

Higher safety level

CE ENl 2941 certified, reach TH2 respiration protection level. P3 filter with filtration efficiency up to 99.97%.

Extremely comfortable

Positive-pressure air supply, stably convey filtered clean air to head and face of wearer, micro-positive pressure protecting wearer from respiratory resistance, avoiding stuffiness and facilitating respiration.

Anti-fog, more reliable

Clear vision without fog, ensuring smooth operation and testing. Reduce visual obstruction, effectively improve work efficiency and operation correctness.

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Product Overview

  Item No.  200221
Product model Freflow V1 TM-H2
Product name TECMEN TM-H Hood with Powered Air Purifying Respirator
Description White
Standard approved EN 12941 TH2

TM-H2 Protective Hood   FreFlow Powered Air Purifying Respirator 
Item No.  400101   Item No. 200101
Product model TM-H2   Product model Freflow V1
Product name Protective Hood   Product name Powered Air Purifying Respirator
Material Barrier membrane of composite fabric, 87 g/cm²   Description  FreFlow V1 Powered Air Purifying Respirator (including main body, front cover, standard battery, shoulder tape, breathing tube, flow meter, etc./protective hood) 
Description White   Flow design Minimum flow design: 165L/m
High-speed flow design: 210L/m
      Battery type Chargeable Li-ion
      Battery charging time About 1 hour for standard type
      Filtering efficiency 99.97%
      Main body weight 1020g

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