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3M Surface Conditioning Disc

Fixes to a Velcro pad, to blend and get a consistent finish on large areas. More Info

Surface Conditioning

• Surface conditioning material designed to remove grinding marks, coatings or imperfections in metal. 
• Leaves a burr free consistent blended finish on all surfaces. 
• Non-woven open construction enables consistent cutting and no-glazing to improve finish.


• Designed for larger areas and a consistent blended finish. Fixed to velcro pad.


• Removes grinding marks, or coatings and ideal for blending. 
• Finishing on stainless steel and aluminium.

Code      Size Grade Pack Qty 
RPDS100FIN  100mm  Fine  25 
RPDS100MED 100mm Medium 25
RPDS105COR 100mm Coarse 25 
RPDS125FIN 125mm  Fine 25
RPDS125MED 125mm  Medium  25 
RPDS125COR 125mm  Coarse 25 
RPDS180MED 180mm  Medium 10
RPDS180COR 180mm  Coarse 10 
RPDS200MED 200mm  Medium 10 
RPDS200COR 200mm Coarse 10

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