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Aloixde Spiral Band

Designed grinding and cleaning-up holes and small areas, use on mandrel. More Info
Designed to use the full surface of the bands.
Ideal for grinding welds in tight areas.
Use with expanding mandrel.

Code      Size Grit Pack Qty
MPSA132506 13x25mm P60 25
MPSA132508 13x25mm P80 25
MPSA132515 13x25mm  P150 25
MPSA192506 19x25mm P60 25
MPSA192508 19x25mm P80 25 
MPSA192515  19x25mm  P150 25 
MPSA252506  25x25mm  P60 25
MPSA252508 25x25mm P80 25
MPSA382506  38x25mm  P60 25
MPSA382508  38x25mm  P80 25
MPSA512506 51x25mm P60 25
MPSA512508  51x25mm  P80 25
MPSA512512 51x25mm P120 25

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