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Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade

German quality bandsaw blades with bi-metal long life cutting tips and ground finish for higher accuracy and keener edge. More Info
  • German quality bandsaw blades. 
  • Great value for money with excellent cuts.
  • Huge range of blade lengths, widths and tooth pitches to cut most material types.
  • M42 bi-metal long life cutting tips with 8% cobalt content, or carbon blading.
  • Ground finish for higher accuracy and keener edge, resulting in improved service life.
  • Spring steel backing with 4% chromium content for high flexibility and metal fatigue resistance.
  • Variable tooth pitch in most sizes; allowing greater range of cut sizes, cuts down vibration & noise.


Please note: As most of the blades are made to order, Please allow 4-5 days delivery.

20mm Width

Length      4 TPI  4-6TPI  5-8 TPI  6-10 TPI  8-12 TPI  10-14 TPI
2080mm  BS20802004  BS20802006  BS20802008  BS20802010  BS20102012
BS23602004  BS23602006  BS23602008 
BS23602010  BS23602012          

27mm Width

Length      2 TPI  2-3 TPI  3-4 TPI  4-6TPI  5-8 TPI  6-10 TPI  8-12 TPI  10-14 TPI
2450mm  BS24502702  BS24502703   BS24502704  BS24502706  BS24502708 
BS24502710  BS24502712
BS24652702  BS24652703   BS24652704  BS24652706          
2480mm  BS24802702  BS24802703  BS24802704  BS24802706  BS24802708  BS24802710  BS24802712   BS24802714 
2600mm  BS26002702  BS26002703  BS26002704  BS26002706  BS26002708  BS26002710  BS26002712  BS26002714 
2650mm  BS26502702  BS26502703  BS26502704  BS26502706  BS26502708  BS26502710  BS26502712  BS26502714
2750mm  BS27502702  BS27502703  BS27502704  BS27502706  BS27502708   BS27502710  BS27502712    
2925mm  BS29252702  BS29252703  BS29252704  BS29252706
BS29252708  BS29252710  BS29252712  BS29252714 
2950mm  BS29502702  BS29502703  BS29502704  BS29502706   BS29502708  BS29502710  BS29502712  BS29502714 
3025mm  BS30252702  BS30252703   BS30252704  BS30252706  BS30252708  BS30252710  BS30252712  BS30252714 
3050mm  BS30502702  BS30502703  BS30502704  BS30502706  BS30502708  BS30502710  BS30502712  BS30502714  
3100mm  BS31002702  BS31002703  BS31002704  BS31002706  BS31002708  BS31002710  BS31002712  BS31002714 
3150mm  BS31502702   BS31502703   BS31502704  BS31502706  BS31502708
BS31502710  BS31502712
3285mm  BS32852702  BS32852703  BS32852704  BS32852706  BS32852708  BS32852710  BS32852712  BS32852714 
3320mm  BS33202702  BS33202703  BS33202704    BS33202708   BS33202710  BS33202712  BS33202714 
3350mm  BS33502702  BS33502703  BS33502704       BS33502710  BS33502712  BS33502714 
3505mm  BS35052702    BS35052703  BS35052704  BS35052706  BS35052708  BS35052710  BS35052712  BS35052714  
3660mm  BS36602702  BS36602703   BS36602704  BS36602706  BS36602708  BS36602710  BS36602712  BS36602714 
3710mm  BS37102702  BS37102703  BS37102704  BS37102706  BS37102708  BS37102710    BS37102714 
4150mm  BS41502702  BS41502703  BS41502704   BS41502706  BS41502708  BS41502710  BS41502712  BS41502714  
4500mm  BS45002702  BS45002703  BS45002704  BS45002706   BS45002708  BS45002710   BS45002712  BS45002714 

34mm Width

Length      1.25 TPI  2-3 TPI  3-4 TPI  4-6TPI  5-8 TPI  6-10 TPI  8-12 TPI
3505mm  BS35053401    BS35053403   BS35053404
BS35053406 BS35053408 BS35053410 BS35053412
BS36603401  BS36603403  BS36603404      BS36603406 BS36603408 BS36603410  BS36603412
3820mm  BS38203401  BS38203403  BS38203404  BS38203406  BS38203408   BS38203410  BS38203412 
3920mm  BS39203401   BS39203403  BS39203404  BS39203406  BS39203408  BS39203410  BS39203412 
3960mm  BS39603401   BS39603403  BS39603404  BS39603406  BS39603408    BS39603412 
4100mm  BS41003401  BS41003403  BS41003404  BS41003406  BS41003408  BS41003410  BS41003412 
4114mm  BS41143401    BS41143403  BS41143404  BS41143406  BS41143408  BS41143410  BS41143412 
4180mm  BS41803401  BS41803403  BS41803404  BS41803406  BS41803408  BS41803410  BS41803412 
4200mm  BS42003401  BS42003403  BS42003404  BS42003406   BS42003408    BS42003410  BS42003412 
4240mm  BS42403401     BS42403403   BS42403404  BS42403406  BS42403408  BS42403410  BS42403412 
4420mm  BS44203401      BS44203403  BS44203404  BS44203406  BS44203408  BS44203410  BS44203412 
4500mm  BS45003401   BS45003403    BS45003404   BS45003406    BS45003408  BS45003410  BS45003412 
4570mm  BS45703401   BS45703403  BS45703404     BS45703408  BS45703410  BS45703412 
4650mm  BS46503401   BS46503403  BS46503404  BS46503406  BS46503408  BS46503410  BS46503412
4750mm  BS47503401   BS47503403   BS47503404  BS47503406   BS47503408  BS47503410  BS47503412 
4880mm  BS48803401   BS48803403  BS48803404  BS48803406  BS48803408  BS48803410  BS48803412 
5300mm  BS53003401    BS53003403   BS53003404  BS53003406  BS53003408  BS53003410  BS53003412 
5600mm  BS56003401  BS56003403  BS56003404  BS56003406  BS56003408  BS56003410  BS56003412 

41mm Width

Length      4-6 TPI
5300mm BS53004146  

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