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Buff-tex Convolute Wheel

Strong and long lasting wheel for deburring and blending on all metals. More Info
Made from non-woven synthetic fiber mesh, which is impregnated with abrasives and bound with resins, non-woven wheels are designed to create desired surface finish where little or no stock removal is required.
The industry's broadest offer is available for light stock removal, deburring, blending, finishing and polishing. Non woven wheels have an open mesh construction that is waterproof, washable, conformable and non-loading.


Silicon carbide is a sharper, more aggressive abrasive and leaves a fine/brighter scratch pattern
All convolute wheels can be used dry or to decrease the heat and improve the finish can be run wet or with oil.
Convolute wheels are wound around a core and must always be run in the direction of the arrow printed on the side of the wheel.
SF9 Series 4000  - the best choice for general to heavy deburring applications.
Code      Size  Grade
BTWC415025  150 x 25mm  SF9 - Series 4000 - Hard/Fine

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