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Coldsaw Cutting Blade

Cold cutting circular saw blades made from high quality DM05 high speed steel. More Info

• Highest quality DM05 high speed steel.
• Contains 6.4% tungsten, high wear resistance.
• 5% Molybdenum, increasing toughness and shatter resistance.
• European manufactured.
• Precision automated in-house grinding of tooth shapes and angles to suit individual cutting requirements.
• Different tooth forms to suit solid materials, profile materials, mild and stainless steels, aluminium, brass & copper.


Code      Size
TCBC250180  250x2x32mm 180T
300x2.5x40mm 220T 
315x2.5x40mm 220T
TCBC350220  350x2.5x32mm 220T 
350x2.5x40mm 180T

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