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Cougartron InoxMuscle Weld Cleaner + Case

Most compact weld cleaner. Only 3.5Kg, 300mm high, with new CougarSYNC technology. More Info

Small and compact, with the latest CougarSYNC technology.

• Very compact and lightweight machine with the highest power to weight ratio in the market. Only 3.5Kg, 300mm high.
• The InoxMuscle mini stainless steel weld cleaner also incorporates the new CougarSYNC technology which gives users the ability to register.  
• 2 mode adjustments for weld cleaning and surface polishing, with power output adjustment. With the power readout screen you can get the exact power output you need, and the precisely controlled current gives you consistent results.
• Economy version for everyday Stainless Steel TIG jobs, great for  workshops, factories, onsite work.  

Inox Muscle Starter Kit

• Cougartron Inox Muscle machine
• Orange lead with handle
• Black lead with clamp
• Cougartron 'Powerbrush' brush (5 pcs)
• Wand/sliding shroud set
• Carry Case
• USB with user manual

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Enquire for you special prices, and on site demo on how this new Cougartron can save you time and money. 0800 278600 or 

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PACPMC1024 Inox Muscle

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