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Cougartron ProPlus Etching Set - Starter Pack with Case

Starter kit, for everything you need to etch with the ProPlus machine. More Info

Fast and consistent marking with the Cougartron ProPlus Etching Set!

• Do you have a problem with marking all your metal components?
• Is your current method too slow?
• Are you looking for more consistent marking?

We have a solution for you – the Cougartron ProPlus Etching set that attaches to the ProPlus machine. For etching names, part numbers and even your logo onto all your metal components.

Marking has many possible applications including product branding, asset identification, assisting with parts ordering, and recording of maintenance work. Using a special marking head (a solid electrode in place of a brush) combined with a felt pad, appropriate fluid permanent, and the foot pedal for control - marking on stainless steel is now fast and easy.

The Etching Set includes:

• Shock-resistant case
• CGT-S1 Etching Fluid for stainless steel - 0.5L
• CGT-AL Etching Fluid for aluminum - 0.5L
• CGT-N1 Neutralizer - 0.5L
• Adapter & electrode
• Etching foot-pedal
•  Marking felt 1m
• 25mm masking tape
• Scissors
• Stencil 40 x 60mm (made acc . customer's design)

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See It In Action!


Enquire for special prices and an on site demo on how this new Cougartron can save you time and money. 0800 278600 or 

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PACPPE4035  10 Piece Kit

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