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CRAFTSMAN Tube Bandana

Multifunctional tubular headwear/neckwear for versitile protection all year round. More Info
Grab one of these neck buffs - the ultimate multi-functional tubular head/neckwear!

Wear it how you like it - there's a range of ways to wear your neck buff, such as:
 Around the neck - for neck protection and/or warmth
 Beanie - keep your head warm and protected under helmet
 Pirate - just because you can
 Balaclava - protection for the head and neck
 Headband - extra padding under a helmet, keeps hair out of your face - and sweat!

These are a great, lightweight, versatile headwear option for engineers, providing protection from:
• Sun
• Cold
• Rubbing/chaffing under helmets or other headwear 

Material: 95% cotton, 5% spandex
Size: OSFM - 50 x 25cm
Colour: Navy

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MBBT Navy 1

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