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Deerfos Ceramic Linishing Belt

When you want consistent cool cutting and long life on stainless, this is the belt for you. More Info
Special ceramic grain: 
Extreme density ceramic grain with a sub-micron crystal structure creates cooler and faster cutting throughout it’s life. Because the abrasive itself stays sharper and cooler, it makes the belt last up to four times as long as conventional heavy metalworking belts.

Specialised top coating:
The purple, super-sized grinding aid reduces clogging, friction and heat build up. This maintains the sharpness of the grain and extends belt life. The Bora7 has a stretch-resistant, very stable, polyester backing for a consistent removal rate.

• Dry grinding
• Deburring castings and forgings
• Refining, shaping and general metalworking
• Stainless steel
• High temperature steel

Size P40 P60 P80 P120 Pack/Carton Qty 
50x915mm LIBC050904 LIBC050906 LIBC050908 LIBC050912 10
50x1220mm N/A LIBC051206  LIBC051208  LIBC051212  10
50x2745mm LIBC052704 LIBC052706  LIBC052708  LIBC052712  10
75x2000mm LIBC072004 LIBC072006  LIBC072008  LIBC072012  10
100x2745mm LIBC102704 LIBC102706  N/A  N/A 10

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