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Deerfos White PSA Sanding Disc

General purpose sanding, zinc stearate coat to resist clogging for longer life. More Info
Premium aluminium oxide grain for high cutting, with zinc stearate coat to prevent clogging on performance paper backing.
PSA or Stick’n’Sand discs have a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing with individual discs with peel off inter-liner.  Better lasting for metal removal.


• Steel  
• Stainless Steel
• Boat Building  
• Automotive

Grit 75mm 100mm 150mm  200mm Pack/Carton Qty 
P60  N/A N/A SMS0150060  N/A
100 / 1000
P80  N/A N/A SMS0150080   N/A
100 / 1000
P120  SNS0075120  N/A SMS0150120  N/A
100 / 1000
P180 N/A SNS0100180 SMS0150180  SMS0200180
100 / 1000
P240 SNS0075240 N/A SMS0150240  SMS0200240
100 / 1000
P320 N/A SNS0100320 SMS0150320  SMS0200320 100 / 1000
P400 N/A  N/A  SMS0150400  N/A
100 / 1000

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