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ELITE Combi Flap Disc - 125mm

Easy to use for removal and blending, to provides a uniform finishing in one step. More Info
Made up of a combination of abrasive cloth for removal, and softer, surface-conditioning material or blending and fine finishing.
Reduce your time on finishing, with removal and finishing or blending in one operation.
Produces a consistent and uniform finish.

Easy to use:
Inexperienced users find it easy to use because it removes material with more control.
Soft and flexible and capable of following curves in difficult areas without digging in or damaging the metal like standard hard abrasives.

• Stainless steel
• Aluminium
• Steel

Code      Size Grit RPM  Pack Qty
RFCS125060 125x22mm P60 Coarse 12,500 10/20
RFCS125080 125x22mm P80 Medium 12,500 10/20
RFCS125150 125x22mm P150 Fine 12,500 10/20

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