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ELITE Crimped Wheel Brush 624

General purpose wheel for cleaning, rust & paint removal. Multi-bore to suit various grinders. More Info
  • Crimped brass-coated steel, for stationary machines.
  • Multi-bore to fit most bench grinders.
  • Brass-coated crimped (wavy) wire for mild scrubbing action, rust, scale, paint removal, deburring.
  • Taipan Original series: No quality shortcuts, but great value.
  • 28G or 0.3mm crimped wire

Code      Size Type RPM   Art. Taipan Part No. 
HSW15020MB  150x20xMB  Brass Coated 6,000   E624-1501 TO-3076
HSW15020MS  150x20xMB  Stainless Steel  6,000   
HSW20027MB  200x25xMB  Brass Coated  4,800   E624-2001 TO-3078 
HSW20028MS  200x25xMB  Stainless Steel  4,800   
HSW25025MB  250x28xMB  Brass Coated  4,500  

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