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ELITE+ Razor Hub 913

*BEST SELLER* Steel depressed centre, give you the Ultra-safe, ultra-strong, and ultra-thin cutting disc More Info
Safe steel hub
The safe steel hub will hold together better under pressure if jammed.  It will not break away around the edge of the clamping area.
The steel hub is larger than the grinders clamping area, giving it a superior reinforced structure compared to all other discs.

Better vision hub
Better vision while cutting and for perfect flush cuts due to the dome shape steel razor-hub which holds the disc out from the grinder.

Sharp narrow raised hub
The whole disc can be used for cutting – no wastage.
Allows safe full-depth cutting and creates more rigidity with less flex because of the shape of the hub.

Fine cutting 1mm
Extra fine and fast cutting but yet exceptionally safe.
The inherent strength of the razor-hub steel structure gives it stronger holding power, less flex, and precise cutting.

Zirconia inox grain
Smoother and quicker cutting zirconia grain which provides the Razor-Hub XT disc with less heat build-up on stainless steel and outstanding blade life.

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Code      QuickShip  Size Type Spec RPM   Art. Taipan Part No.  Pack/Carton Qty 
115x1.0x22.23 Safe Hub ZS60-Fast 13,300  E913-11510 TP-6088 25/200
125x1.0x22.23 Safe Hub ZS60-Fast 12,200  E913-12510 TP-6090 25/200

What was the best points that you found with the ‘Taipan Razor-Hub’ cutting disc?
• "It cuts perfectly straight
• I had a better view because of how the disc is made with its recessed hub
• There was no vibration as it was perfectly round
• I was able to cut 2mm stainless sheet up to 3x longer than the discs we were currently using"
 - Stainless Steel fabricator, Marlborough

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