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ELITE+ Thin Cutting 911(Taipan Platinum)

Built to last the distance with quick cutting - *New Look ELITE+ discs starting to appear* More Info
Experience the cutting edge
Only the best is used in the Platinum Razor-Cut range.
• A high-quality mix of aloxide and zirconia grain gives you a smooth and quick cutting speed, with exceptional long life.
• Precise, straight cutting using the latest pressing technology.
• Safer and more durable because of state of the art reinforced material.

Inox formula
Iron and sulphur free grain and resin, eliminating contamination on all metals including stainless steel.

• Plates, pipes, sheets
• Mild and stainless steel

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Code      QuickShip  Size Type Spec RPM   Art. Taipan Part No.  Pack/Carton Qty 
 E911-11510   50/400
115x1.2x22.23 Flat AS60T-INOX 13,300  E911-11512  TP-6006 50/400
SLVPI12510    125x1.0x22.23  Flat  AS60T-INOX  12,200  E911-12510    50/400 
SLVPI12513   125x1.2x22.23 Flat AS60T-INOX 12,200  E911-12512           TP-6008 50/400
SLVPI12516   125x1.6x22.23 Flat AS60T-INOX 12,200  E911-12516 TP-6009  50/400
SLVPI18018   180x1.8x22.23 Flat AS60T-INOX  8,600  E911-18018 TP-6011 50/200

230x2.0x22.23 Flat AS60T-INOX 6,600  E911-23020 TP-6020 50/200

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