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Euroboor ECO50-T Magnetic Drill

Large variable speed for your versatile work, 50mm drilling, and M20 threading. More Info
• Large variable speed makes this a versatile mag drill for 50mm cutting, and M20 threading.
• Maximum 1250W power and only 14kg so you don’t have to sacrifice mobility.
• Annular cutters:12-50 mm  Twist drills:1-23 mm  Tapping:M3 - M20
• Length:320 mm  Width:210 mm  Height:385 - 550 mm  Stroke:170 mm  Weight:14 kg
• Magnetic force:1850 kg  Motor power:1250w  Total power:1375w
• Speed: (no load) (i) 100-280 min-1 (Ii) 185 - 530 min-1 Speed: (load 1200 w) (i) 250 min-1 (Ii) 460 min-1

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Euroboor ECO50-T

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