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Evolution HSS Annular Cutter -50 depth

HSS broach, drilling 3 times faster than twist drills, used on magnetic drills. More Info

HSS Annular Cutter for use on most metals. 
Cutter saves time and energy compared with other drilling methods, drilling speeds 3 times faster than twist drills. 
No step drilling required, just real quality, with a burr-free finish hole. 

• Versatility to fit most magnetic drill brands
Available in 50mm cutting depths
• Available in diameters from 12 – 60mm
• For use with 102mm ejector pins see ejector pins here

Code      Size  Code  Size
12mm x 50   DRACL35STD
35mm x 50
13mm x 50  DRACL36STD
36mm x 50
DRACL14STD  14mm x 50  DRACL37STD 
37mm x 50
DRACL15STD  15mm x 50   DRACL38STD 
38mm x 50
16mm x 50  DRACL39STD 
39mm x 50 
DRACL17STD  17mm x 50   DRACL40STD
40mm x 50
DRACL18STD  18mm x 50  DRACL41STD
41mm x 50
DRACL19STD  19mm x 50   DRACL42STD 
42mm x 50
DRACL20STD   20mm x 50   DRACL43STD
43mm x 50
DRACL21STD  21mm x 50   DRACL44STD
44mm x 50
DRACL22STD  22mm x 50  DRACL45STD
45mm x 50
DRACL23STD  23mm x 50   DRACL46STD
46mm x 50
DRACL24STD  24mm x 50  DRACL47STD
47mm x 50
DRACL25STD  25mm x 50   DRACL48STD 
48mm x 50
DRACL26STD  26mm x 50   DRACL49STD
49mm x 50
DRACL27STD  27mm x 50  DRACL50STD
50mm x 50
28mm x 50   DRACL51STD 
51mm x 50
DRACL29STD  29mm x 50  DRACL55STD
55mm x 50 
DRACL30STD  30mm x 50   DRACL58STD
58mm x 50 
DRACL31STD  31mm x 50  DRACL60STD
60mm x 50 
32mm x 50   DRACL62STD
62mm x 50 
DRACL33STD  33mm x 50    
DRACL34STD  34mm x 50    

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