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Jackson WH70 Airmax Helmet & Respirator

From the Jackson Elite range, Worlds best vision, with an unique face seal, and air system. More Info

Jackson Elite Respirator system, designed for the true professional.
With the world's best vision, unique face seal system, and dual filters everything is covered.

Jackson WH70 Helmet

• Wide-view lens with1/1/1/1 optical rating - superb clarity of vision in both light state and during welding.
• 5 year lens warranty - world-leading reliability.
• Dual sensors + Intelligent Sensing Technology - enhanced ability to distinguish between the welding arc and other light sources. Ultra reliable switching, even in the trickiest situations such as low amp TIG, Aluminium welding, stainless welding.
• Lightweight & well balanced - comfortable & easy to wear... all day long - 790g
• Low-profile external controls with grinding mode - No need to remove or lift the helmet to adjust settings, Exceptional clarity of vision eliminates need to flip up helmet when grinding.
• Shade adjustment 6-8 for Oxyor Plasma, 9-13 for welding.

 Airmax Elite Respirator System

• Unique face seal system push face into seal, pull face out to remove.  Ultra-comfortable, no hoods or strings. Quick & easy replacement.
• Adjustable air outlet located directly in breathing zone.
• Unique dual-filter system dual filters  - allow for a lower profile. Screw-in filter design ensures perfect seal every filter change.
• Heavy duty Li-Ion battery charging time of less than 3 hours, with up to 10 hours operating time.
• Simple to operate, dual airflow settings (160 or 210 L/min.)
• Automatic airflow control - motor speed is electronically controlled to ensure constant flow rate regardless of the level of filter clogging or battery charge
• Audio, visual and vibrating alarms indicate when battery charge &/or filter replacement is required.
• Slim, Lightweight & Comfortable Low profile. - only 980g, with ergonomic padded belt.

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WSHWXR0701  Helmet + Respirator System

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