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Permabond A1044 GP Thread Sealant

General purpose pipe thread sealant with high strength/pressure and viscosity. Equiv to 562, 577. More Info

A rapid curing sealant designed to lock and seal metal pipe connections, offering very good resistance to even the most aggressive chemicals, and be used to seal against most gases and liquids. A1044 can provide an instant pressure seal, minimising down time and speeding up production processes.  A1044 will not shred or dry out and so will provide a durable seal helping to extend the life of the components.

Benefits of a Thread Sealer:
- Use instead of PTFE tape or pipe dope
- Pipe joints can be re-used
- Quick and easy to apply
- Lubricates threads making assembly much easier  
- Stops rust and corrosion making maintenance easier
- Will not creep, shrink or shred.
- Taps and valves can be easily aligned in a pipework system

• Handling time: 15 min. 
• Full strength: 24 hours 
• Max temperature: 150 °C. 
• WRAS approval for potable water, Australian Gas Association, DVGW approval for gas installations. 
• Equiv to 562, 577

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