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Permabond A1046 Retainer Rapid Cure

Permanent locking and sealing dissimilar metal parts together. Equiv to 263, 271, 609, 620, 638, 680. More Info
  • Permabond A1046 is a toughened anaerobic retainer.
  • Ideal for the permanent locking and sealing of metal parts such as pulleys, bearings, gears and threaded components.
  • Exhibits high strength, even under the most arduous of conditions.
  • Cures rapidly on metal components.
  • Equiv to 263, 271, 609, 620, 638, 680.
Code Strength Viscosity Approvals Sizes
ADPBA14650 High Medium DVGW 50ml
ADPBA14620 High Medium DVGW 200ml

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