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Pink Vitrified Mounted Point

GP blending and deburring small parts, on mild / carbon steel, cast iron. More Info

Pink vitrified mounted points are suited for general purpose blending and deburring on carbon steels, some casts and low alloy steel.
Made of economical aloxide grain.

• Foundry work
• Finishing castings
• Deburring cut metal, tool and die precision engineering work

Pink Vetrified Mounted Point Shapes:

Code      Size Shape RPM  Pack Qty
MPP00A1A46 20x65x6mm A1   10
MPP00A2A46 25x30x6mm A2   10 
MPP00A3A46 32x70x6mm A3   10 
MPP00A4A46  30x30x6mm A4   10 
MPP00A5A46 20x28x6mm A5   10
MPP0A11A46 22x45x6mm A11   10 
MPP0A12A46 18x30x6mm A12   10
MPP0A24A46 6x25x6mm A24   10 
MPP0A25A46 Sphere 25x6mm A25 19,120 10 
MPP0A26A46 Sphere 16x6mm A26   10 
MPP0A31A46 35x25x6mm A31   10
MPP0A36A46  42x10x6mm A36 19,120  10 
MPP0A38A46  25x25mm, recess
A38   10 
MPP0A39A46 19x19mm, recess 
A39    10 
MPPW208A46 19x50x6mm 
W208 19,120  10 
MPPW220A46  25x25x6mm  
W220 17,620  10 
MPPW235A46 38x6x6mm W235   10
MPPW236A46  38x13x6mm   W236   10 
MPPW237A46 38x25x6mm   W237   10

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