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Sisal Untreated Polishing Mop

*BEST SELLER* Great all round mop for removing scratches or grinding marks, and satin finishing. Operate with cutting compound. More Info

• Operate with cutting compound to remove scratches and light grind marks from work.
• To prepare the surface for polishing.
• Each section = 12mm wide.

Size 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section  4 Section
100mm POSSM1001S POSSM1002S POSSM1003S
150mm POSSM1501S POSSM1502S POSSM1503S POSSM1504S
200mm POSSM2001S POSSM2002S POSSM2003S POSSM2004S
250mm POSSM2501S POSSM2502S POSSM2503 POSSM2504S

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