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Strip and Finish Wheel

Standard and washered. Designed to clean welds and corrosion on stainless steel & aluminium. More Info

Strip, clean and finish

• Very large, open, non-woven structure ensures cool cleaning and helps avoid clogging.
• Removes discolouration on aluminium and stainless.
• Removes corrosion and paint without removing the metal, to leave a manageable surface.


• Black grade is softer and more conformable.


• Stainless steel, steel, aluminium.
• Available with centre hole and washered for tapered spindles.

Code      Size Grade RPM  Pack/Carton Qty 
CSWMED0150 150x16xW Black 8,500 5
CSHWMED180 180x16x20 Black  8,500 5
CSWCOR0180 180x16xW  Purple  8,500 

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