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Taipan Aluminium Cutting / ELITE+ 917

*BEST SELLER* Lubricates while cutting with no residue! Just fast clean cuts. *N?ew Look ELITE+ discs starting to appear* More Info
*N‚Äčew Look ELITE+ discs starting to appear*


The disc releases a lubricant while cutting that greases it without leaving any residue.
With no binding or pinching, it cuts faster and lasts longer.

No contamination
Unlike other discs, the Aluminium Razor-Cut has specific abrasive properties that prevent contamination to aluminium.
Welding and polishing can be applied instantly after the cutting has taken place.

Because of the clean-cutting and lubricating properties of the disc, it will not jam or kick-back.
Provides a consistently smooth cut throughout its life.

• Aluminium
• Soft non-ferrous metals
• Plates and pipes

Code      Size Type Spec RPM   Art. Taipan Part No.  Pack/Carton Qty 
SLVPA11513 115x1.3x22.23 Flat AL60T-BF 15,300  E917-11512 TP-6214 50/400
SLVPA12513 125x1.3x22.23 Flat AL60T-BF  12,200  E917-12512           TP-6216 50/400
SLVPA12516 125x1.6x22.23 Flat AL60T-BF  12,200  E917-12516 TP-6218 50/400

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