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ELITE Buff-Tex Pad

Non-woven hand pads used on stainless steel for surface cleaning and blending. More Info

Non-woven products for surface cleaning, blending and scuffing.


• Standard worldwide - very fine.
• For fine and very light finishing.


• Industrial scouring and cleaning
• Remove caked- corrosion on all metals


• Standard worldwide general purpose
• Durable cutting and fast cutting


• Tougher fibres, specially designed for finishing and blending on stainless steel.
• Faster removal, with less pressure, and still a great finish.
• Extra heavy duty polyfibre with sharper grain for long life and faster cutting.
• Medium grade.


• Standard fibre, with coarse grain, for extra cut and fast removal. 

Dimensions: 230mm x 150mm 

Code      Size Colour Grade Pack / Carton
BTP15023WI 150x230 White Non Abrasive 10
BTP150200V 150x230 Grey Ultra Fine 10 / 60
BTP150200M 150x230 Green IS Fine 10 / 60
BTP150200F 150x230 Maroon  GP Fine  10 / 60
BTP150200X 150x230 Black  Medium 10 / 60
BTP150200C 150x230 Tan  HD Med 10 

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