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Taipan Original Dropsaw Disc -L/S Inox

*BEST SELLER* Low-speed cut-off for safe, fast, straight cutting on mild and stainless steel More Info

• Precisely balanced for safe and straight cutting.
• Unmatched blade wear and value for money.
• Smooth constant cutting because of the new formula with arranged grain, which in turn, increases the cutting speed.

• Low speed portable saw.
• Optimum performance on mild and stainless steel. 
• Inox and iron-free.

Code      Size Type Spec RPM   Art. Taipan Part No.  Pack/Carton Qty 
 CUTAI30028 300x2.8x25.4 Flat AS36PBF 5,100  E909-30028 TO-6530 10/50
CUTAI35028 350x2.8x25.4 Flat AS36PBF 4,400  E909-35028 TO-6532 10/50
CUTAI40030 400x2.8x25.4 Flat AS36PBF 3,800  E909-40030 TO-6534 10/50

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