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Taipan Original Dropsaw Disc -L/S Inox

*BEST SELLER* Low-speed cut-off for safe, fast, straight cutting on mild and stainless steel More Info

Precisely balanced for safe and straight cutting.
Unmatched blade wear and value for money.
Smooth constant cutting because of the new formula with arranged grain, which in turn, increases the cutting speed.

• Low speed portable saw.
• Optimum performance on mild and stainless steel. 
• Inox and iron-free.

Code      Size Type Spec RPM  Taipan Part No.  Pack/Carton Qty 
 CUTAI30028 300x2.8x25.4 Flat AS36PBF 5,100 TO-6530 10/50
CUTAI35028 350x2.8x25.4 Flat AS36PBF 4,400 TO-6532 10/50
CUTAI40030 400x2.8x25.4 Flat AS36PBF 3,800 TO-6534 10/50

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