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Taipan Original Flap Disc

*BEST SELLER* Standard conical shape with zirconia cloth, best for contoured & edge work. More Info
The Taipan Original Flap disc has a standard conical shape with a fibre supported back flap.
It’s cloth is made of quality zirconium, which gradually wears, allowing the abrasives to provide a more constant level of finish than standard fibre discs.
Made in EU.

• Contoured and edge work.
• Stainless steel to steel.
• Aluminium.

Code      Size Grit RPM  Taipan Part No.  Pack/Carton Qty 
ZLF40IM100 100x16 P40 15,300 TO-5002 10/60
ZLF60IM100 100x16 P60 15,300 TO-5004 10/60
ZLF80IM100 100x16 P80 15,300 TO-5006 10/60
ZLF40IM115 115x22 P40 13,500 TO-5012 10/60
ZLF60IM115 115x22 P60 13,500 TO-5014 10/60
ZLF80IM115 115x22 P80 13,500 TO-5016 10/60
ZLF12IM115 115x22 P120 13,500 TO-5018 10/60
ZLF40IM125 125x22 P40 12,500 TO-5022 10/60
ZLF60IM125 125x22 P60 12,500 TO-5024 10/60
ZLF80IM125 125x22 P80 12,500 TO-5026 10/60
ZLF12IM125 125x22 P120 12,500 TO-5028 10/60
ZLF40IM180  180x22  P40   8,600 TO-5042  10/60 

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