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Taipan Original Thin Cutting Disc

*BEST SELLER* designed for speed and your budget - used on all steels. More Info

Rough edges 
The rough abrasive properties on the face of the disc allow the user to cut and clear material without binding the cut.
Cuts are whiter and cleaner, with less burning signs affecting the steel.
Thin cutting discs are manufactured using a special material that is very flexible and leaves the grain in it’s original form.

Long life 
Observe more cuts and less disc changes due to the advanced reinforced mesh and steel centre ring.
This provides exceptional performance and value for money.

Inox formula
Ultra thin design with special quality inox grain and resin for smoother, faster cutting on all steels, including stainless.

Code      Size Type Spec RPM   Art. Taipan Part No.  Pack/Carton Qty 
SLTAD18016 180x1.6x22.23 DPC AS46 SBF 8,600  E903-18016 TO-6242 25/100
SLTAD23019 230x1.9x22.23 DPC AS46 SBF 6,650  E903-23019 TO-6244 25/100
SLTAI10010 100x1.0x16 Flat AS46 SBF 15,300  E901-10010 TO-6202 50/400
SLTAI11510 115x1.0x22.23 Flat AS46 SBF 13,300  E901-11510 TO-6204 50/400
SLTAI11512 115x1.2x22.23 Flat AS46 SBF 13,300  E901-11512 TO-6210 50/400
SLTAI11516 115x1.6x22.23 Flat AS46 SBF 13,300  E901-11516 TO-6218 50/400
SLTAI12510 125x1.0x22.23 Flat AS46 SBF 12,200  E901-12510 TO-6206 50/400
SLTAI12512 125x1.2x22.23 Flat AS46 SBF  12,200  E901-12512 TO-6212 50/400
SLTAI12516 125x1.6x22.23  Flat AS46 SBF  12,200  E901-12516 TO-6220 50/400
SLTAI18016 180x1.6x22.23 Flat AS46 SBF  8,600  E901-18016 TO-6224 25/100
SLTAI23019 230x1.9x22.23 Flat AS46 SBF  6,600  E901-23019 TO-6226 25/100

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