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Taipan Twist Knot Wire Wheel

Ideal for weld bead cleaning, Hard tight twist for long life and smooth balance action. More Info
• Ideal for pipeline weld bead, cleaning including during interpass, hot pass etc 
• Professional, tempered steel for smooth action and fast removal of slag spatter and oxidation. 
• Twist knot is perfect for aggressive action on rust, scale and surface preparation 
• 125x6x22mm: 40 knots per wheel, for 5” angle grinders. 
• 150x6mm xM14: 48 knots per wheel for long life and smooth running on 7-9” angle grinder
• 24G or 0.5mm Twist Knot wire.
• Stainless wire made of 304.

Code      Size Type Grinder RPM   Art. Taipan Part No.  Pack/Carton Qty 
HSRT125622 125x6x22 Steel 125mm 12,500  E604-1251 TO-3086 5/40
HSRS125622 125x6x22 Stainless Steel 304 125mm 12,500  E604-1252 TO-3670 5/40
HSRT150625  150x6xM14  Steel 180mm  12,500    TO-3090  5/40

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