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Vortex Flap Disc

Air cooling turbo backing & more abrasive, makes the cool finishing last longer. More Info
Air cooling turbo backing:
The nylon support backing has wings inside the cavity which creates a vortex cooling effect.
Turbo cooling reduces metal overheating and pitting while the operator is grinding, reducing blemishes and heat marks on the visual look of the metal.
Cooling off the abrasive prolongs the zirconium grain, resin and cloth.

Easy fixing:
The threaded bore allows the user to screw the disc to the grinder more quickly and easily.
No need for clamping flanges and searching for the relevant keys for fixing.

More abrasive where you need it:
The narrow and high crown layout is concentrated on the outer diameter of the disc, where the removal speed of the metal is higher.
30% more cloth, higher number of flaps and more angle allows more consistent removal capacity.
Less abrasive cloth is remaining after the disc is finished compared to traditional discs, because the cloth is concentrated on the outer diameter of the disc.

Code      Size Grit RPM  Taipan Part No.  Pack Qty
ZLV60VO115 115xM14x2 P60 13,500 TP-5872 5/20    
ZLV80VO115 115xM14x2 P80 13,500 TP-5874 5/20
ZLV40VO125 125xM14x2  P40 12,500  TP-5878 5/20
ZLV60VO125 125xM14x2 P60 12,500 TP-5880 5/20
ZLV80VO125 125xM14x2 P80 12,500 TP-5882 5/20

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