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Weldclass PM350 AutoDarkening Welding Helmet - Blue

100x53 view. Great value with no shortcuts on quality. 2y warranty on ADF. More Info

• Ideal for MIG & Stick Welding, also suits TIG applications down to 30 amps.
• Enjoy a generous viewing area - larger than many other helmets in this class (100 x 53mm) 
• Ultra clear vision - Optical rating 1/1/1/2 .
• 4 sensors, for reliable arc defection and switching.
• Manufactured with ‘full laminate’ lens construction: Each layer in the electronic lens assembly is firmly laminated for superior optical quality and long service life (other lenses are glued and are prone to contamination and failure)
• Triple power source: 2 replaceable batteries plus solar assist.
• Shade adjustable 9-13 with sensitivity and delay.
• Grind mode.
• 2 year warranty on auto-darkening filter.
• High-impact tested and rated to standard AS1337.1
• Functions: shade, sensitivity & delay adjustments.
• Magnification lens holder.

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