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White Toolroom Grinding Wheel - 150mm

White Aluminium oxide abrasive. For grinding hard tool steels, drills and cutting edges. More Info
White Aluminium oxide abrasive, Used primarily for grinding hard tool steels, drills, cutting edges.
• Cool cutting on heat sensitive materials with light to heavy stock removal.
• Very versatile - free cutting on all varieties of steels
• Coolest cutting - No burns, no metallurgical damage
• 150mm

Code      Grit  Size
P46 150x19x31.75
P60 150x19x31.75 
P80 150x19x31.75 
GW8A121520  P120  150x19x31.75 
P46  150x25x31.75 
GW8A601525  P60  150x25x31.75 
GW8A801525  P80  150x25x31.75 
GW8A121525  P120  150x25x31.75 

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