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Blue welding gloves with maximum life and comfort

Blue welding gloves with maximum life and comfort

Posted on Tuesday, 2 August 2016 by Gus Broomhall
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Winton Engineering, Southland - case study

"It’s actually good to see them lasting long enough for the leather on the glove to wear out before the stitching."

We asked Steve – Manager, at Winton Engineering about their history with welding gloves and why he now uses the Weldclass Blue and Gold welding gloves.

Application: Manufacturing Galvanised Feeders
Product: Weldclass Blue Welding Gloves

What type of work are Winton doing with the welding gloves?

The main thing that we use the gloves for, besides just normal production, is welding up these Winton stock feeders made out of galvanised pipe. We make about 1200 per season. The combination of the galv and the type of welding, produces quite fine small sparks and bad spatter, which was landing in the stitching and folds, and burning them out. So you can see why we are always looking for a better glove.

Previously what glove have Winton been using?

Obviously I’ve tried them all. From green pairs to red, different blue gold pairs, top priced gloves, to a glove that you give a guy for half an hour and the stitching would be gone, and here’s all this good leather around it. 

OK so you have tested different options! What did you find? And why did you choose to use Weldclass Blue welding gloves?

Well, through the whole process of doing this, we have on average 8 guys wearing gloves, all day every day, welding the feeders. The testing was, ‘here’s a new pair of gloves, let me know if they crap out.’ At one stage we were getting gloves for about 8 dollars and we were only getting a quarter of the use out of them, compared to what we getting now out of the 12 dollar Weldclass Gloves.

"So yeah these Blue Weldclass ones, they are definitely up to the play."

They have quite a good reinforced palm in it, but it all comes down to the positioning of the stitching, how well they are stitched around the thumb and fingers, also how the lining is stitched in, which helps with the comfort of the glove. It’s actually good to see them lasting long enough for the leather on the glove to wear out before the stitching.

The science behind the result:

During the study, Steve noticed that a well-stitched glove made the glove last that much longer. The Weldclass blue has set the standard with the right design for durability, soft premium leather, and highest quality cotton for comfort.

Quality control and trained and quality-checked sewers ensure that the leather and lining are sewn with Kevlar thread in the best place, so sparks and spatter have minimal effect on the glove.

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